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Keith lives and creates in North Bay, Ontario. Keith has been a professional ceramic artist for nearly 50 years and has won 57 honors/awards to date. Canadore College bestowed the title of Artist in Residence Emeritus on Keith in 2009 and he was honored by being inducted into the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame in 2013. Keith has exhibited his works in approximately 290 exhibitions nationally and internationally with works included in numerous collections including the Archives of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Nickle Art Museum, the Varazdin City Museum Croatia, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, the Burington Art Centre, the Ontario Crafts Council, and Fusion: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association, etc.

On August 21st, 2014, Ronald P. Frye & Company published a book about Keith's social/political clay works entitled "Keith Campbell" and written by Jonathan Bancroft Snell.

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Researching, making, creating, and designing, along with my dark sense of humour are the bases for my narrative works in clay. The themes of my works are Canadian myths and legends, as well as history from my point of view. When making any work in clay, I develop the design and theme in order to communicate on many levels with the viewer. I incorporate forms and decoration into pieces thrown on the potter.s wheel, pressed by hand, and through using slab and sculpture techniques. I also use photo stencil imagery along with drawing, brushwork, and/or many applications of sprayed and air brushed effects to achieve the best presentation of my concept. I glaze fire at c/6 in oxidation; however, most of my work is fired multiple times. For over glazing, I fire at c/015 and at c/018 (lustres). I also use 24-karat gold leaf and other metallic leaf to achieve varied surfaces and colours. I sometimes use both flocking and paint as finishing techniques. I occasionally use metal stands to enhance the form, particularly for vessels. The processes I use to create work makes a longer journey from start to finish than many artists are willing to put up with. I feel it is well worth the end results. That is what true creativity is all about! I have been described as the foremost political commentator in the clay arts in Canada. You can decide if this statement is true. I feel my work is successful when I am able to create a dialogue with the viewer.

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  • Finalist, Premier’s Award for Excellence in Arts and Culture, 2014
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for the Arts, Coordinating Body Arts Culture Heritage, 2014
  • Inducted into the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame Oct./2013
  • Honorable Mention Award, Ontario Crafts 2013, Craft Gallery, Toronto
  • Pottery Supply House Award of Excellence Fireworks 2013 Provincial Juried Exhibition, Fusion, Sheridan College Gallery, travels for 2 years across ON
  • Founder's Award of Merit, Fireworks 2011 Provincial Juried Exhibition, OCC Craft Gallery, Toronto, ON, Exhibition travels Ontario until 2013
  • Premier's Award of Excellence in the Arts 2010 Finalist: Individual Artist Category(Premier's Awards of Excellence in the Arts Laureate) For Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Arts and Culture of Ontario
  • Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship 30 ++Year Service Award for White Water Gallery in North Bay Ontario 2010
  • Artist in Residence Emeritus. title presented to honour Keith.s 32 years of outstanding contributions to Canadore College and Arts Community (Dec. /09).
  • Award of Excellence. (Exhibition's Top Award) Ontario Crafts .09, Juried provincial craft exhibition at the Ontario Craft Council.s Gallery, Toronto, ON, Nov. 2009
  • Honorable Mention - N.B.A.A. 2009 Annual Juried Exhibition, WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay ON
  • Best in Show Juror's Choice Award . National Juried Ceramic Exhibition .Powerplay 2009. at the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON
  • Archives of Ontario, Hands on History Project, Awarded a commission to create a ceramic tile (18 x 18 x 4 inches) for the Archives of Ontario Collection and it's new building at York University, Toronto. This was a juried project with the George Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, T.O. 2008
  • Presented with an 'Eagle Feather' from Mr. Les Couchie, Ojibwe First Nations
  • Best in Clay Award, OCC Northern Regional Exhibition, 2007
  • Volunteer of the Year Certificate presented by Fusion, May 2006
  • Awarded 'the Elder Status' by Fusion: the Clay & Glass Association of Ontario, 2005, a certificate to acknowledge over 30 years dedicated service and support
  • Award of Merit, Boreal Northern Sculpture Exhibition, Timmins Museum/Gallery 2005
  • The John Mather Medal Award, Ontario Craft Council, Toronto, 2003 plus a Life Membership Award
  • Elected a Member of the Society of Canadian Artists (Professional Designation .SCA) 2005
  • Juror's Choice Award and an Award of Excellence, Fusion.s Fireworks 2003 Provincial Juried Exhibition
  • Canada's 125th Anniversary Commemorative Medal (A Governor General's Award), Jan./1993, in recognition of significant contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Premier of Ontario, Michael Harris, for his craft work for HRM Queen Elizabeth's Visit, 1997
  • Recognition of Excellence Award from Canadore College's Board of Governors for his dedication to college and community, 2000
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Canadore College 2002, for continued outstanding teaching in Continuing Education
  • 25 Year Service Award from Canadore College, for his 25 years of full-time employment 1981 to 2006 (taught P/T from 1977 to 1980)
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Canadore College 2000, for professional development workshops in clay for employees
  • Awarded a Life Membership from White Water Gallery, North Bay, ON 1997 - The longest running artist-run Alternative Gallery in Northern Ontario
  • The Prestigious 'Conny' Award for his marketing and promotion of Artsperience, awarded by A.C.C.A.T.O., 1997
  • Juror's Choice Award, O.C.C. Northern Exhibition, Art Gallery of Algoma, 1998
  • Best in Show, Ontario Winter Games Exhibition, WKP Kennedy Gallery, North Bay, ON, 1988
  • Award of Excellence, OCC Craft Gallery Exhibit, Toronto, 1989
  • Ceramic Award, OCC Northern Exhibit, Timmins Museum, 1988
  • O.C.C. Design Award, OCC Northern Exhibit, Laurentian Univ. Museum, 1987
  • Award of Excellence, Craft Gallery, Toronto, 1985
  • Best Use of Colour and Award of Excellence, OCC Northern Regional Exhibit, Haliburton, On 1985 (2 awards)
  • Best Functional Award, OCC Northern Regional Exhibit, Laurentian University Museum and Gallery, Sudbury, ON, 1984
  • Won 'Name the Magazine Contest' 'Fusion', Ont. Potters Assoc. 1983, later the Ontario Potters Association took the name 'Fusion' as their Official Name/Title.
  • Honorable Mention, OCC Northern Regional Exhibit, 1983
  • Most Outstanding Award, OCC Northern Regional, Art Gallery of Algoma 1982
  • Excellence in Function, OCC Exhibit, Craft Gallery, Toronto, 1981
  • Honorable Mention, OCC Northern Region Exhibit, Sudbury, 1980
  • Honorable Mention O.C.C. Northern Exhibition, North Bay City Hall, 1979
  • Excellence Award 1978, O.C.C. Northern Exhibition
  • Award of Excellence, Ontario Crafts Exhibition, Craft Gallery, Toronto 1983
  • Award of Merit, Ontario Crafts Exhibition, Craft Gallery, Toronto 1982
  • 3 Awards of Merit in Ontario Crafts Exhibition, 1977, 1976 & 1975 (3 awards)
  • Purchase Award, Fired Up Exhibition, 1978
  • Purchase Award, National Ceramics Exhibition Calgary, 1977
  • Purchase Award, Down to Earth Exhibition, Ont. Potters Assoc. 1976
  • Glass Award (First Glass Award awarded in Canada) Canadian National Exhibition, 1969
  • Honorable Mention, Canadian National Exhibition, (Grade 8 student) 1962

Keith lives/creates in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. In 2017, Keith is celebrating working in clay for 50 years creating functional and sculptural vessels. His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in over 290 exhibitions with works in numerous collections including the Royal Ontario Museum, the Canadian Museum of History, The Archives of Ontario, etc. He has received 57 Awards/honours including being honoured by Canadore College with the title: Artist in Residence Emeritus, inducted into the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame, Finalist in the 2014 Premier's Award for Excellence in the Arts, and CBACH's Lifetime Achievement Award in the Arts for 2014.

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